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Why People Loved Junk Food When They Tired: Reason

Do you know that Food directly link to our tiredness, the more you tired the more food you like to eat but it doesn’t mean you love the health food. Have you ever notice that when you feel tired & feel Hungary, instead of eating the healthier meal. You love to eat some light weight like chocolate bars, Biscuits etc.

Tired person eat Junk Food like Biscuits, Chips Etc

Tired Person like to  Eat Junk Food like Biscuits, Chips Etc

Are You Junk Food Lover, don’t worry around 60 percent people all over the world love to eat junk food instead of health food, Even there are some countries in the world who percentage is more than 70. If you are in these categories, you should have know the bad effects of it & make a habit of it, we know its not such easy but for health life you have to work on it.

Why People Loved Junk Food When They Tired: Reason

But what was our question, Why people love Junk food or why you love junk food? It has may reason but one of the scientific reason come out in the latest research i.e. tiredness. That is true that your tiredness can make you junk food lover. How, we will read here below.

There was a Research at Feinberg School of Medicine, North-western University in Chicago. In that research they study at three different parameter i.e. sleep deprivation, Excessive Eating & Weight gain. In the results it came that due to the effect of sleep deprivation; our body want tasty, high calorific value food, which is always more in junk food, its because our brain runs behind the smell of the food. In that situation our brain & body don’t work as a team

In the experiment they have selected some people & divide them into two groups. The participants of first group allowed eight hour sleep & second group participants allowed four hour. After that they have check the reaction of them. They have seen that those, who are lack of sleep, they like to eat high calorific food.

After the week research on group one & two, they interchange there sleep time, for a weak & what they see that participants who sleep less like the smell of the high calorific food like crips.

In this research they have founded that those who are not sleep properly, their brain enhanced the activity, due to they love to eat the food with good smell but those who are sleep properly, their brain works fine & they don’t run behind the smell of food.

They Experiments tells, if we sleep properly we can also control our diet chart & same thing is allowed at the time, when we are tired. Have you read our article on Nap in afternoon or Siesta. In this article you can read just a 30 minutes Nap can help you to regain you power of work with less stress.

In a average from all over the world, the individual can sleep only 5 to 6 hour in a day, so if lack of sleep take us at the door of Junk food than whole world is effected with it. Sleep deprivation mean excessive eating & increase in weight. So if you want to stop the habit of your junk food try to sleep few more hours or at least 8 hour a day, may be it will help you.

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