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What the Best Ways to Celebrate Happy Easter & Good Friday?

Easter Day & Good Friday are two different but both interlink with each other. In a simple language we can say that one it the day of death & other is day of resurrection, both the day link to the Lord Jesus & most important day for catholic religion. On Good Friday Lord Jesus died for humanity, on the cross & save us from our sins so its a mourning & prayer day & the Easter day is called the day of resurrection of Lord Jesus form the dead so its a day of celebration day.

What the Best Ways to Celebrate Happy Easter & Good Friday

What the Best Ways to Celebrate Happy Easter & Good Friday

What the Best Ways to Celebrate Happy Easter & Good Friday?

As both the days are different so the way to celebration must be different. So Here we are going to tell you  What the Best Ways to Celebrate Happy Easter & Good Friday? We start with Good Friday.

Activity Ideas For the Good Friday.

Good Friday is the day when Lord Jesus died on the cross so its not the celebration day, in place of it we can do the following activities.

# You can go to the Church & Pray there, in this day you can take a fasting. For this you have to be healthy as well as keep away from the foods.

# If you are school student so you have to take a leave of one day & spend some time to the church with lord Jesus.

# It a mourning day so activities should be minimum, Try to avoid the parties & the activities like egg hunts.  If you want to do some activities you can read the stories of Lord Jesus & Bible.

# Prepare the Hot cross buns in the morning time & eat it. You can say its a traditional food for that day.

# If you have black cloth so wear it, its a symbol of mourning.

# If you are parents you can tell the story of lord Jesus to your son or you can also watch movies of on Good Friday & Easter day.

# The Best time of the Praying is 3 P.M. because people say this was the time when Lord Jesus on the cross so you can say this is the sacred time to pray so if you have time Pray this time & tell you family members as well.

Activity Ideas For the Easter Day

# The Activities of the Easter Day little different from the Good Friday because it is a resurrection day Lord Jesus form the dead so it also called a celebration day.

# In this day you can Pray in the Church as well as spend your some time with Lord Jesus in the Church

# In this day you can do enjoyment like parties & do the activities like Egg Hunting etc.

# For Children, They can draw the Easter egg drawing, Sketches and Easter Friday Coloringon it. Making the craft is one of the best ideas.

# You can cook the delicious food to eat & invite the guest to for Dinner or Lunch.

# If you are away from you home or family members you can wish them by call or Wishing & Greeting Cards through Whatsapp or Facebook, But don’t forget to wish them.

These are some of best ways to celebrate you Good Friday as well as Easter Day so enjoy and tell these way to the other so they will also enjoy it.

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