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What the Best Ways to Celebrate Baisakhi or Vasakhi Festival?

Baisakhi is one of religious festival, which celebrated in north India. We know this festival in same name but different spelling i.e. Baisakhi, Vaishakhi, or Vasakhi & It is also known as the new year of Punjabi people. In 1699, on this occasion the last Guru of sikh i.e. Guru Gobind Singh Founded the Khalsa.

Best Ways to Celebrate Baisakhi or Vasakhi Festival

Best Ways to Celebrate Baisakhi or Vasakhi Festival

People of Punjab & Haryana celebrate this festival with lots of joy & enthusiasm. In this day, they pray to the God of harvesting so it also known as the Harvesting festival. Hindu Solar New Year, Sikh New Year, Harvest festival, birth of the Khalsa, all fall on one day and the beginning of the auspicious month. The date of the festival is 13 or 14 April, most of the time it is 13 April but it changes after 3 year month according to Solar New Year.

What the Best Ways to Celebrate Baisakhi or Vasakhi Festival?

In this day people do many activities so here we are going to tell you some of the best ways to celebrate Basisakhi festival.

#Gurdwaras: In this day you can go to the Gurdwaras & take part in the special prayer of Baisakhi. After it you can help them in Langars because in this day most of Gurdwaras organize langars.

#Early morning: In this day many people use to get up early morning & after washing they pray to the God, to begin their New Year with the name of God.

#Farmers: As this day is known as the harvesting festival so in this day farmer use to  pray to the God of Harvesting & after it they begin harvest the Rabi crop.

#Villages: In this day many villages organised a wrestling (Khusti) competition & the winner that competition awarded with cash prize.

#Bhangra And Gidda Performances: To make the festival more joyful men, women & children take part in Bhangra And Gidda.

#Nagar Kirtan: Nagar Kirtan is one of the most famous things that happen in this day so you can take part in it.

#Social Media: In this day, you can share the Baisakhi Hd wallpapers, images, quotes, greetings & wishes messages to you friends.

It is known as the Sikh New Year, so Either Baisakhi is the north Indian festival (Punjab & Haryana) but the whole Sikh community who lives all over the world, they also celebrate this festival with full of joy.

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