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What is the best ways to celebrate Gudi Padwa/Ugadi & Its Vidhi

According to the lunisolar Hindu calendar Gudi Padwa/Ugadi is the first day of the year. In the state like Maharastra, we called it Gudi Padwa & in the state like Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh we called it Ugadi. In Sanskrit language Gudi Padwa is called Chaitra Shukla Pratipada & it we celebrate it in the beginning of chaitra month. As the date of this festival are always different because we celebrate it according to the Hindu calendar. In 2015 (21 March), in 2016 (4 April), in 2017 (28 March) these are the date of three different years. Now we come to the point how can we celebrate this festival & what are the best ways to celebrate Gudi Padwa/Ugadi & its vidhi.

What is the best ways to celebrate Gudi Padwa/Ugadi

As there are different ways to celebrate Gudi Padwa. It depends upon the state & tradition of the people.

  • Kavi Sammelans ( Poetry recitals): Poetry recitals is one of the best and old traditional way to celebrate this festival. In this day people who have a good knowledge of poetry (Gudi Padwa Poetry) they can make a group with their friends and easily start the Kavi Sammelans. In this Sammelans not only you can enjoy but you will know many new poetry from you folks & friends as well as you can also get the chance to show their own talent in front of your colleagues.
  • In this day you can decorate your house not with the costly things instead of it you can use the Mango leaves, Rangoli design  & go to the temple to take the blessing from the God.
  • In this day you can do a worship of Lord Brahma because it is the first day of the year & Lord Brahma known as the creator of the world so to state any venture with the name of Lord.
  • Social Media: The modern way to celebrate any festival. We can share Happy Gudi Padwa HD Images, Wallpapers, Pictures, FB Cover, Greeting & Wishes eCards, Quotes, SMS, Messages, Thoughts with our folks, colleague.
  • For Children they can do a Gudi Padwa sketches & Drawing, even parents help them to complete it.

Now a day people like to celebrate any festival in the social media because it is easier as well as simple way to celebrate any Festival & Event. We are not talking that we don’t want to celebrate any festival in social site but we have to also follow our rituals to.

As there are many other ways to celebrate it but these are some of the best if you know some other ways you can tell us by commenting in the comment box.

Gudi Padwa/Ugadi Vidhi

The Vidhi of the Gudi Padwa is very simple. In this day we have to take an oil bath in the morning & after finished our regular activity we have to make a rangoli design at the door of the home. In the rangoli design we need a mixture of Haldi & Kumkum and made the Swatika Symbol at the middle of the rangoli. If you don’t know how to make rangoli design you can get ideas from our post rangoli ideas or you can also but the design in the market it is not costly. At the door tie toran & lighten one Diya. Make a parsad with neem leave & jiggery & worship the God/deities with that parsad. & while worship chanting the mantra of Lord Brahma and Vishnu

How can we make Gudi at Home

How can we make Gudi at Home

How can we make Gudi at Home

To make a Gudi we just need a Bamboo stick. At the end of the stick tie the clothe of yellow, green & red color with golden border (like mata ki chunri) & remember the length of the sick should be not too long. Over the cloth tie some mango and neem leaves with flowers. At the top of the stick place the Pot (lota) of copper or silver color in little inclined way. Place this Gudi at the right side of your door.

How can we make Gudi at Home pics instruction

Gudi Padwa Sketches Picture

Gudi Padwa Sketches Picture

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