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What Is The Best Ways To Celebrate April Fools Day (All Fool Day)?

April fool day is the best day in the year on which you have a license to make a fool of other people i.e. friends, folks and family members. Now a day people are too smart & they come out always with some of the best pranks so that they can shocked the other person. As there are end numbers of way to celebrate this festival but in this article we are going to tell you, What is the best ways to celebrate April fools day, because we can fool anyone with any method but while we are doing the prank with anyone we have to see the age and relation with that person.

Paste Paper on the Laptop or Desktop screen

Paste Paper on the Laptop or Desktop screen

What Is The Best Ways To Celebrate April Fools Day (All Fool Day)

Here below you are going to read the Best Ways To Celebrate all fools day.

Prank with Food

Replace sugar with salt: You can fill the salt in the sugar bottle and sugar in the salt or you can just change the rapper from outside.

Add food coloring in the milk: You can add food coloring into the milk so that when other member of the family use it they will shocked, what inside the milk container.

Add white food color in water: You can also add white food coloring in the water & replace it with the milk container.

Dipped onion or boiled potato in chocolate paste

Dipped onion or boiled potato in chocolate paste

Dipped onion or boiled potato in chocolate paste. You can make the chocolate paste and dipped the potato or onion in it and after that you can serve it to you folks. They will astonished after eat its first bite.

Worm in apple: Place the candy worm on the apple so that when anyone in the want to eat it they will shocked

Stone candy: Collect some of the stone pieces, which will be in the shape of candy of color on them and wait till it dry properly, then you can serve it to the other.

Potato in the ice cream cone: Boil the potato and mess it properly so that it look like a cream, now fill it in the ice cream cone & serve the family members

Put tooth paste in between cookies : Take a cream biscuits, and replace the cream with the tooth paste but while you are doing this don’t break any cookies.

Cut papers in eating material form: You can take any color paper and cut it in the shape of food item specially brown paper & cut it E brown & server it.

Computer Pranks

Paste Happy April Fools Day stick note under the mouse

Paste Happy April Fools Day stick note under the mouse

Paste Happy April Fools Day stick note under the mouse: You can paste the stick note under the mouse sensor, so that when the other people use it will not work. Must write Happy April Fools Day so that other will know he become fool.

Unplug wire from CPU: If you unplug the wire from main power line other will easily known that its fault in the power or wire but if you unplug a wire from the CPU other will not understand easily and they will little confused. You can unplugged the wire like Mouse, Keyboard, now a day people use the wireless so you can unplug its sensor.

Paste Paper on the Laptop or Desktop screen: You can paste any paper on the screen of Laptop or person computer of you folks but it should be fixed size so cut it properly

Make error message with wallpaper

Make error message with wallpaper

Make error message with wallpaper: In a desktop screen you can use a error message wallpaper but for this you have to delete all the desktop stuff or copy & paste inside computer.

Simple Pranks specially in the morning

Start looking at Sky: While you are walking with your friends, you can start watching at the sky & tell your friends to look at there what is that thing. In this prank you can take help of your friends so that you can make a fool of whole group.

Change the way of speaking: In this day you can speak in different accent or in different way. Even you can also start speaking in the any different language, in which other people shocked (specially your friends)

Coat your soap with nail polish

Coat your soap with nail polish

Coat your soap with nail polish: By the use of the nail polish you can coat your shop and let it dry. After it place it in its position where all members of the family regularly wash their hand, when any one use it the will astonish why this shop is not working.

 Take out the battery in the TV Remote or switch them in the wrong position: TV is the favorite time pass of most of the people & the favorite item in it is its remote, so on the occasion of the All fools day you can either replace it or switch the batteries in a wrong side.

 Hang the close today or any funny symbol at the door: By the use of the sigh board you can make fool of any people who come to your home or your own family member. The sigh that you can use i.e. wet paint, close, danger etc.

 Place the Balloon on your couch: you can also place a balloons under the cover of the couch so that when any one sit on that it will blast.

Must remember some of the point while you are doing prank with someone.

Must thing before prank with someone: Must think about the person before you prank anyone, you have to think what type of relation you have with him, his/her age, either s/he is capable to face prank because some of the people are short temper. Some of the people don’t like to be fool and if you make them they will also start arguing with you so you have to be confident while you use your prank with the right person. Must remember that the prank will not hurt anyone because April fool day in just for enjoyment so while you trying something new make sure it is safe.

Different Prank for different people: If you are doing prank with someone, make sure you have completely think about it. If you are planning a prank for child prank should be that way, if Prank with friends it is other way, Prank for couple, Prank for girlfriend, boyfriends, Prank for husband & wife & many other all are different. So you have to be make sure about it.

Perfect Timing: The timing of your prank should be perfect so that you can make a fool whom you want.

If you have another pranks ideas to share with us you can tell us by comment at comment box so our other viewers can also see it.

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