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Trivendra Singh Rawat (BJP) declared as the New CM of Uttrakhand’s & swearing in ceremony tomorrow

After the clean sweep in Uttar Pradesh & Uttrakhand today (17 March 2017) BJP declared the New CM Name in Uttrakhand i.e. Trivendra Singh Rawat. In the meeting of the BJP top most leader Trivenndra select as the new Chief Minister of land of God (Uttrakhand). The Bharatiya Janta Party top leaders like Dhrmendra Pradhan, JP Nadda, Shyam Jaju, Saroh Pandey and Narendra Singh Tomar (observer) were present in the meeting. The observer i.e. Narendra Singh Tomar official announced Trivendra as the new CM of Uttrakhand. The main fact is that last time the CM of the Uttrakhand was Harish Rawat & he was from Congress but this time again we can see the CM with the same last name Rawat.

Trivendra Singh Rawat CM of Uttrakhand

Trivendra Singh Rawat CM of Uttrakhand

The BJP won the Uttrakhand with 57 seats out of 70 seats. In this election congress only won 11 seats & we can say its was the worst of performance of congress in Uttrakhand. If we see the last three state assembly elections we can see there were very minimum marginal between two parties but this time BJP did beyond & Congress also did beyond but in the negative way. So far it is a biggest ever wins in the state like uttrakhand by any party. The party won the 46.5 per cent of total votes.

In the state like Uttrakhand the maximum state assembly seats won by BJP was in 2007 i.e. 36 and in the election of 2012 both the parties (Congress & BJP) stuck in 33 & 32 seats. But this time BJP did exceptionally well, we can also say its Modi Magic.

About New CM of Uttrakhand (Trivendra singh Rawat)

Trivendra Singh Rawat was a former state chief of BJP & this time he won his MLA Election from his traditional Doiwala seat by defeating the his competitor over 24,000 votes i.e. Hira Singh Bisht (Congress). He was also a member of RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh) & He is also close to the Amit Shah (BJP Chief) & Narindra Modi (Prime Minister). In the 2014 Lok Sabha election, He was with the Amit Shah in Uttar Pradesh & clear the ground for BJP. He also played a significant role to win the Jaharkhand election.

Swearing-In At 3 PM (18 March 2017, Saturday)

Ajay Bhatt, the BJP chief in Uttrakhand said in an press conference that the oath taking events has been fixed for Saturday, 18 March 2017 at 3 PM. All the members of the BJP are invited in this event specially 57 newly elected members. Prime Minister Narindra Modi & Amit Shah will be present in the Swearing-in event, along with the senior BJP leaders & central minister.  The oath taking event will be happen in parade Ground & as the Prime minister will be present their so security arrangements will be top class.

After won the Uttrakhand there are few names are in the race of Chief Minister i.e. Satpal Maharaj, Prakash Pant & Trivendra singh Rawat. At last Rawat will be as bthe new CM after the meeting. Yet the cabinet minister not selected but we will know about it tomorrow at 3 o’clock. The Leaders like Satpal Maharaj & Prakash Pant surely will get some important department in the new cabinet of Uttrakhand.

Trivendra Singh Rawat are ready to take a oath of 8th CM of Uttrakhand.

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