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The Unique & Surprising Facts About Human Musculoskeletal (Muscular + Skeletal) System

The Musculoskeletal system is one of the most significant part of our body. The Musculoskeletal system are the combination of two words i.e. Muscular + Skeletal. Muscular consist all are muscles of a body & Skeletal consist all the body bones. This system also consist the part like cartilage, joints, and other connective tissues. In a simple way we can say that it is the base of our body on which we stands. Do you read our last article which is based on Facts about Human Body system.

If we take example of the of a car what is the name of that part on which the whole car stand, if you don’t know, we call it its chassis. This is the base of the body & the strong it is, the stronger the car. Every part of the car hold on the chassis i.e. its wheel, engine, even the whole body similarly Musculoskeletal are the base of our body. Like the chassis support the whole body of a car, the Musculoskeletal system support our whole body, it also help to provide movements to all the parts with stability as the chassis work. You may be thing that why i am comparing the car & our Musculoskeletal system because while we compare the things we remember the things easy & for long time. Human body is full of facts like facts about Human brain, Sense Organs etc but Now we will come back to the Facts about Human Musculoskeletal system.

The Unique & surprising Facts about Human Muscular + Skeletal System

Muscle & Skeleton System of Running Man

Muscle & Skeleton System of Running Man

May be few of the people knows about the some of the facts but most of the people don’t know a single facts in it. So lets see what are you know & what are you don’t.

#25% bones only in our feet: The 25% bones are only in our feet, In our body there are 206 bones are present and each foot consist 26 bones so total number of the bones are 52 on the both legs.

#Number of bones we have:  We have 206 bones but as we grow, the numbers of bones become lesser. In the childhood it is 206 but as we grow its number decrease either we don’t lose any but it decrease because it join with another bone to make a strong joint.

#Bones are self destructive: Our bones are self destructive but this thing only happens when the bones don’t get the enough calcium. If you are in taking enough calcium in your day to day life then they will be good become healthier.

#Bone Vs Steel: It is true that bones are stronger than any steel but the comparison should be same i.e. pound for pound comparison. The length & the diameter of both the substance should be same. Similarly our hairs also stronger than steel but it is also pound for pound comparison. Even our hair can lift more weight with alike steel strip.

#Strongest Muscle of our body: The strongest Muscle of our body is our tongue, it is because we compare it with it size, no one muscles of same size are such stronger.

#We are taller in morning time: It is true that our height is more in the morning as compare to the evening time, it is because of our flexible connective tissues i.e. cartilage. In the morning time it is extent but due to all day work it compress, the different between morning and the evening around 1 cm.

#Face expression required more muscle that smile: Whenever we smile, our chicks & many other muscle used but do you know during any face expression our more muscle is on work. The scientists don’t know how many muscle are use but it is more than smile.

#Just one step is equal to 200 muscles: While we walk on the road, just single step of ours required 200 muscle work & it can be increase while walking on hills. So we can imagine how much our muscle work in a single day. If one step our 200 muscle work then if we walk a kilometer or two kilometer how much work done by our muscle.

In the Facts about Human Reproduction System their were some strange things similarly Musculoskeletal system & full Human body, even many of the things we don’t know for that our Scientist & Doctors working on it.

In the above before beginning of the facts section, I said you that comparison make the things easy to remember. As i compare here with a car you can also compare the it with anything. So read it get some knowledge about your Musculoskeletal system & don’t forget to share this with your friends & other so they also read about it. If you know more about it you can also show you views in our commenting box. Very soon we will come with the new article i.e.Facts about Unnecessary Body Parts

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