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The Unique But Stunning Facts about Human Body Function

Each & Every Part of Human Body is significant & its working is so sharp, even now no one machine can work as our machinery. In our day to day life there are lots of things that happen with us but some of the things are so strange, even we cannot imagine that how this could be possible so in same way there are lots of things happen inside our body which we cannot see with our naked eyes but due to regular hard work & experiments our Doctors & Scientist finds some of the unique facts about Human Body & its function even it we listen them we can say that not true.

The Unique But Stunning Facts about Human Body Function

Every things in our body is so perfectly situated like our heart, brain etc but its very difficult to understand them but with time we will know about it. Have you read our previous article i.e. Facts About Human Reproduction System. Sometime our body do strange things, we thing we have to go to the doctors but what we see that Doctor says us its natural because s/he knows about it and we don’t so here we are sharing with you some the Unique But Stunning Facts about Human Body Function. May be some of the facts are those you already know but many people in the world don’t know even a single things about it.

#Speed of our sneezing:  This thing could be shocked you, if you heard that speed of our sneeze is more than 100 mile per hour (MPH) i.e. 160 Kilometre per hour (KPH). Even a average speed of a car is around 60 to 70 kph so you can also thing how harmful it can be if we try to suppressing it so don’t ever try to suppress it.

Girl is Sneezing

Girl is Sneezing

#Speed of our cough: The speed of coughing is little less than sneezing i.e. 60 mph i.e. 96 mph approx. Either it is less than sneeze but it also not less than the average speed of cars.

#Amount of Saliva in one’s life: You could be astonish by hearing this that throughout a life, one person can produce saliva that could fill the two swimming pools, its too much look the stunning facts of our mouth.

#Earwax: It is one of the important things, which is required in our ear. It makes our ear health so if your ear is completely dry, you must need a earwax even it makes you listening capacity better.

#Size of our Bladder: A size of our bladder can be less than baseball when it is empty but when it become full it can reach to the size of softball. When it become full, we look like a fat person & one can easily see our tummy.

#Fart or gas a day: In a day one can be fart around 14 time, we cannot say it fart it just a simple gas but most of the time we don’t know because of natural process of our digestive system.

Quantity of sweat by our feet a day

Quantity of sweat by our feet a day

#Quantity of sweat by our feet a day: It is true that our feet can produce more than one glass of sweat a day, in mathematics we can say that around 500ml. It happen because in our feet there are 500,00 sweat glands in our both feet that meant half in a single and great amount of sweat.

These are some of the unique facts about our body function & there are lots more facts that our body have like facts about our brain, our sense organ, Human reproduction system facts & many more. Many of these things found by our Scientist & Doctors buy still they are working on it to get new things about our body. So read it and share it to the other so other can also read about it.




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