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The Strange But Amazing Facts About The Human Brain

Human body is also like a machine, it will work till we give it fuel/energy. Even everything that human made, we can see some of the human part in it. As long as we work hard or to use our body day to day lives as well as we take care of it properly, so it will run for a long time similar in case of machine. But there are enormous things that make human being different from the machines. Either Engineers or Scientist always told that they made a machine that is very similar to the human being but in reality there no match between the human body and machines. Those facts that we are going to share with you might be astonished after reading these amazing but Strange Facts about the Our (Human) Body. Even you can also start imagines is our body capable of doing such things.

The Strange But Amazing Facts About The Human Brain

The Strange But Amazing Facts About The Human Brain

Here below you are going to read The Strange But Amazing Facts About The Human Brain. From this you know how smart our brain is & even If want you can also make it more smarter by change you habit i.e. turn you bad habit into good one. For this you can read out article i.e. How could you be a smart or Good person in life but here we are talking about Strange Facts About The Our Body. So to begin with Brain

The Strange But Amazing Facts About The Human Brain

Human Brain

Brain is the most complex and one of the sensitive parts of our body. Due to it everything works properly within the body. If we say the person is alive but s/he has no brain it mean the person can’t live truly, so Here below some amazing but Strange Facts about brain.

80 percent water in our brain: It is important to us to hydrate properly because 80% water in our brain and less than 20% solid. So the sake of proper working of brain we use to drink regularly.

Brain required huge amount of oxygen: The weight of the brain is just 2% of our total body weight but it required 20% oxygen as well as calories

Brain required only 10 Watt power: You feel strange when you heard that our brain required electrical power and it just a 10 watts.

Brain has unlimited storage: Our brain can store everything, technically our brain has unlimited memory so we can store anything in it. But the main issue is to recall or remember the things, its on us either we can access the information or not.

Maximum changes in brain shape during teenage: During the teenage, the maximum changes occur in our brain like feelings, body structure physically, mentally etc. Our behavior, talking ways and many more change in this time that’s why we say it very crucial stage of the life.

The brain is analgesia: Though brain sends all signals & one of them is pain signals but strange thing is that it doesn’t feel pain itself.

Different Parts of Human Brain

Different Parts of Human Brain

Brain are more active at night: If you think that your brain is more active at day time or while you wake then you are wrong it is more active, while you sleep.

The People with more I.Q also dream high: Don’t take me wrong, these fact not applicable for those who sleep a lot. A person who sleep 6 to 8 hour a day is enough & those who dream more, the smarter you are. The one fact about it that some of the person thinks that they are more smarter in their dreams as compare to their day to day life. It’s one of the make reason that they dream those thing which is easy for them.

Speed of the information is different in our brain: In our brain there are uncountable neurons & they all are differently, built & the information that travels in our brain that travels along with them with the different pace. That is the main reason sometime we remember the things immediately or sometime it take too much time.

These are some of the just Strange Facts About The Human Brain, i know all there are very strange but its also amazing. As there are lots more fact about the human body like strange facts about Our Senses similarly facts about Reproduction Body, Functions Musculoskeletal (Musculature and Skeleton) System & Ever there are some interesting fact of are Unnecessary Body Parts. You can read all these facts in our website for this you have to just keep in touch with us.



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