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The Strange But Amazing Facts About Our (Human) Senses

Human being body machinery is the best machinery in the whole world, Even the machinery that we made with the costly metals they does not touch the shadow of the human being. What are those things that make our machinery different from all the other one, the perfect answer is our senses. As functioning of the Human being body (machinery) is really amazing, each and every part of us are made to work very flexible. Even after the thousand year research, Human being also don’t know its body properly. Here we are going to share with you some of The Strange But Amazing Facts About Our (Human) Senses. Those are the facts that are found by our Doctors  & Scientist after of hard work of many years.

Human Being 5 Sense Organ

Human Being 5 Sense Organ


The working of the whole body of the Human being are really amazing but after read the fact about it everyone become surprise. We call our brain the most sensitive part as well as most complex in working, if you are interesting to read The Strange But Amazing Facts About The Human Brain, you can read this as well in our website. But for now you can read the some interesting and surprise facts about our senses.

When I read these facts, I was flabbergasted, that’s why I write this article & I am also thinking that you will be same. As we have different sense organs like nose for smell, tongue for taste and many more all have some interesting features. So you can read some of them here below.


 The Strange But Amazing Facts About Our (Human) Senses

Smell of Women much better than men: It is true that the smell of women is better than men but if both the smell are identically same. Otherwise any one can be better, Like we take a example of a twin one girl & other boy, the smell of gird will better than a boy.

Our nose differentiate lots of smells: Yes, it is true that our nose has capability to differentiate the smell & even it has ability to remember more than 50,000 types of scents.

Our own Smell is unique: If we say that the smell of our body is unique & Even the babies or a new born can recognized their mother by the smell not her face. But one thing that if you have a twin, smell both might be same.

Adrenaline, our real power house: some time we are in difficult situation and there is no other way to get rid of such problem except one. You don’t know that Adrenaline gives us super strength, even if it response properly you can have a ability to lift a load of a car.

Time is just in our head: It mean the sense of time is in our head, sometime we are under stress & time is also not running usually (too slow) or in the other had we sit in the exam hall at that time we imagine that time is running too fast. It’s all are sense that is in our brain.

Human being use echo location: In the childhood we heard that bat fly at night & they use their echo to fly, if I said that human being also have such quality. It is truth that human being have also such quality but due to we have a eyes we don’t develop this technique effectively, on the other side those who are blind they use this technique to walk on the street and do their other works, it because they develop this technique very effectively as well as by using this again they became the master of it.

Overeating can reduced our hearing capability: Eating food is the part and parcel of life but when we see tasty or favorite food on the table we cannot stop our selves, but do you know that overeating of food decrease our hearing capability. That’s why we have also advised by doctors don’t eat too much, only i.e. full our tummy.

These are some of the Strange but amazing facts about our sense. As we have lots of parts in are body and this is one of it so we can imagine that how amazingly our body is made by god. You can also give your response regarding the article and if you want to know more facts about our body parts stay tune with us.



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