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The Strange But Amazing Facts About Human Reproduction

The body of the human being are full of interesting facts & by the day our doctors & scientist come out with new facts sometime that may be strange but most of the time they are interesting so either they are strange or wired but they are significant thing for us and our knowledge. These things are one most helpful thing for the evolution of the human being. In the previous posts we talk about the facts about he Human Brain & Sense Organ. In this article we are going to tell you the Strange But Amazing Facts About Human Reproduction.

Fetus in the womb

Fetus in the womb

The Strange But Amazing Facts About Human Reproduction

Reproduction is the significant part of the our species, due to it our species alive but it has also strange facts may be you don’t know about it.

#Our Teeth: when any new born take a birth either we cannot see any teeth on their mouth but it does not mean that they haven’t any teeth. The fact is that Teeth grows before the birth of anyone, even it being to grow 6 month before the birth though it start appear after 1 or 2 month of after the birth.

#New born Babies: If we say that the human baby is stronger than any ox baby, yes it true. On the basis of pound for pound i.e. size, the human babies is more powerful as well as stronger, But our work style & way of living change us.

#New Born Babies eyes: The colour of the new born babies eyes are blue but the real color will start appear when it come in contact with Melanin and exposure to ultraviolet light. After this we get the real color of our eyes (Maximum people have brown eyes in the world).

#Women are bisexual Genuinely: The study on sex says that women may be bisexual genuinely in nature. On the other side men are either straight or gay but they don’t be bisexual. This is also one of the biggest reason that female easily share her personal felling with other female.

#Maximum men have erection problem:  While you sleep and you are men, you might also suffer from this. While you sleep in hour or half an hour, you may erections but most of time you don’t aware of it.

#Sex Works as a Pain relief: When a person suffers from the little headache or body pain, most of time they avoid sex but the reality is opposite, at that time sex may play as the role of pain relief. It just not works as the pain relief but also work as the stress buster & there are many other cases it gives you relieve.

#Sex or Chocolate: In the study, it come out that women prefer chocolate than having sex. But in a study it also come out that either chocolate increase your sex appealing but it can’t feel you as good as sex & it also does not cause the organism by its own.

These are some of the strange facts about the Human Reproduction System, either they are strange but it also interesting. So read it and if you want to share you can & very soon we will come With the strange facts of Human Body Functions so stay tune with us for this you can subscribe us with just an email



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