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SS Rajamouli says how Baahubali The conclusion is different from Baahubali & how Baahubali world continue?

The first part of the Baahubali i.e. Baahubali: The Beginning came to theatres in 2015. The epic, Fantasy historical fictional drama Movie got the love as well as applause from the audience. We can also see the excitement in between the audience after launching the trailer of Baahubali 2. After the record breaking success of the first part of the Movie now maker of the movie expecting new breaking recording success from its sequel i.e. Baahubali : The Conclusion. On 16 March 2017, during trailer launch event in Mumbai, the director of the Movie SS Rajamouli. The Star cast i.e. Prabhas, Rana Daggubati & The presenter of the Movie Karan Johar (Hindi version, Dharma Production) & Anil Thandani (Telugu & Tamil, AA Films). In this event while interacted with the media Rajamouli made few announcements & How they are going to continue the Baahubali world by converting into a franchise.

Bahubali 2 trailer launch event

Bahubali 2 trailer launch event

He said,” Baahubali is going to be a franchise.”

But he clear that the Baahubali the film will only be just two parts (Baahubali : The Beginning & Baahubali: The conclusion), He said, “ just because we have the market of the movie but I don’t want to sell the soul of the film’s. He also clear the ways from they are going to continue the world of Baahubali i.e. novel, fantasy comics, virtual reality films & etc. This announcement is really good for the reading lovers so that the fans of film can also enjoy the stories by reading novel, fantasy comics.

In this world there are different kinds of the people some of them like to read the stories in novel, some like to read the comic, watching on T.V. & other their own ways so maybe it is one of the best idea to promote the Baahubali after the film.

Baahubali The conclusion Official Trailer (In Hindi)


How Baahubali The conclusion is different from Baahubali & What type of improvement we will see in the sequel

SS Rajamouli also said that what type of improvement they did in the sequel. He said,” The film will continue from where first part left but the just upped the actions effects in the sequel part but the story of the movie not retouched. The complete story of the movie written at the beginning of the movie because of length wise story of the movie was big that’s why we just split it into two parts.  He said,” if we will go for a sequel of a movie without a story people don’t love us as well as it will not last longer. There was another big announcement by the Rajamouli and Thandani that they have decided; they are going to release Baahubali first part one or two week before the cinema house for those people who haven’t experienced the grandeur of Baahubali: The Beginning. So that people can see the story again before Baahubali 2 release.

When the media asked the major question regarding the movie to SS Rajamouli he reacted to see such trolls (why Kattappa killed Baahubali) in social media. He reacted by chuckle & said, He believe that the trolling my film receives a direct love from the audience. He is very sure about Baahubali & said that the film will make a grand first day.

In the launch event of the trailer of the Baahubali: The conclusion, the star cast (Prabhas &Rana Daggubati), SS Rajamouli, Karan Johar & Anil Thandani were present in Mumbai, but Tamanna & Anushka Shetty was absent because of their busy schedule.

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