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Short Essay, Speech on Guru Ravidas Jayanti for School Students in English, Punjabi, Hindi

Ravidas was a great saint of 15th century in India, philosopher, poet, social reformer and follower of God. He was a bright leader and a famous figure in the Nirgunsect, that is the Saints tradition, and gave leadership to the North Indian Bhakti movement. Through his great poetry writings, to improve his unlimited love for God and to improve his followers, followers, community and social people, SantRavidas gave a variety of spiritual and social messages.

Short Essay, Speech on Guru Ravidas Jayanti for School Students in English

He was in the eyes of the people as a messiah who fulfilled his social and spiritual needs. Spiritually rich Ravidas was worshiped by the people. Every day and night, on the occasion of Ravidas’s birth day and on the occasion of any religious program, people hear or read their great songs. They are given love and respect throughout the world, though they got the highest respect for their Bhakti movement and religious songs in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Maharashtra.

Saint Ravidas Jayanti

With joy and enthusiasm all over India, on the full moon day of the month of Magh are celebrated every year on the birth anniversary of Saint Ravidas on Magha Purnima. whereas; People in Varanasi celebrate it as a festival or festival. On this special day, during the Aarti program, it is customary for people to get a city kirtan procession with the ragas of mantras in which songs, songs, songs and doha are sung in the streets on the streets. The followers of Ravidas and devotees also go to the Ganga-bath on their birth day and worship the image made in the house or temple. To make this festival an epitome, it is celebrated in a very grand manner by the people in Varanasi every year at the famous place of the temple of Shri Guru Ravidas Birthplace of Sir Govardhanpur, Varanasi. Devotees of Saint Ravidas and other people come from Varanasi to participate actively in this festival from all over the world.

Facts about Saint Ravidas

Birth: 1377 AD (i.e. VikramSatta-MaghaSudi 15, 1433, although some believe that it was 1440 AD) Sir Govardhanpur, Varanasi, UP

Father: Mr. Santok Das Ji

Mother: Mrs. Kalsa Devi Ji

Grand Father: Sri Kaluramji

Grandma: Mrs. Lakhpatji

Wife: Mrs. Lonaji

Son: Vijay Das ji

Death: 1540 AD in Varanasi.

Short Biography of Ravidas

Sant Ravidas was born in Varanasi city of Uttar Pradesh in the house of Mother Kalasa Devi and Baba Santokh Das in the 15th century. However, there is a dispute over the date of birth because some believe that these 1376, 1377 and some say that it happened in 1399 CE. According to the statistics of some scholars, it was estimated that Ravidas’ entire life span ranged from 1450 to 1520 in the 15th to the 16th Century CE.

Ravidas’s father was the Sarpanch of Raja Nagar of Mal Empire and himself used to work and repair shoes. Since his childhood Ravidas was very brave and very devout of God, but later he had to struggle a lot due to the discrimination generated by the upper caste, which he faced and through his writings, Ravidas knew people about this fact of life. Get done He always taught people that love their neighbors without discrimination.

In order to memorize the great education given to his followers as well as the establishment of brotherhood and peace throughout the world, the birth day of Saint Ravidas is also celebrated. In the early days of his teaching, his fame was always stopped by the Orthodox Brahmins living in Kashi, because Saint Ravidas was also a teacher of untouchability. They were complained by the people in front of the king to spoil the social order. Ravidas was also prohibited from talking about God, as well as teaching and advising people who followed them.

Short Essay, Speech on Guru RavidasJayantifor School Students in Hindi

Guru Ravidas Jayanti Hindi Essay

Guru Ravidas Jayanti Hindi Essay

In childhood Saint Ravidas went to his Guru PanditShardaNand’s school, which was later stopped by some high caste people. Although PanditSharda felt that Ravidas is not a normal child, he is a child sent by God, so PanditSharadanand admitted Ravidas to his school and started his education. He was very fast and promising and used to earn more than teaching his master. PanditShardaNand was very influenced by him and his behavior. He thought that one day Ravidas will be known as a spiritually enlightened and great social reformer.

Short Essay, Speech on Guru Ravidas Jayanti for School Students in Punjabi

Guru Ravidas Jayanti Punjabi Essay

Guru Ravidas Jayanti Punjabi Essay

While studying in school, Ravidas Pandit became friends of Shardananda’s son. One day, both people were playing together in one go, for the first time RavidasJi won and his friend won the second time. Next time, RavidasJi had the turn but because of being dark they could not complete the game, after which both of them decided to continue the game in the morning the next day. The next morning Ravidasji came but his friends did not come. After waiting for a long time, he went to his friend’s house and found that his friend’s parents and neighbors were crying.

They asked for one reason from one of them and were shocked to hear the news of his friend’s death. After that, his master delivered Saint Ravidas to the place of his son’s corpse. On reaching there, Ravidas told his friend, “Get up, it’s not time to sleep, friend, it’s time to play hide and seek.” As born

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