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Short Essay, Speech on Family Day for School Students in English & Hindi

As we all know that Family is one of the most precious Gift that is given to everyone by the God. To remind and recognize the value of a family, the general assembly of United Nations declared to celebrate the world or international family day on every 15 May. The world or international family day was begin to celebrate on 1994 after the UN declared, this decision was taken in the year 1993 since then every family day is celebrate on 15 May.

Happy Family Day Picture

Happy Family Day Picture

Short Essay, Speech on Family Day for School Students in English

Either the UN declared 15 May as a world or International Family day but different nation celebrates it on different days. It is because different nation set the date according to their way and holiday is not mandatory on this day. Three are some nation, where you will see a federal holiday on the family day like in Canada (but only in a whole Canada) similarly many country celebrate it with their way. The most important thing of that day is they people must wish their family members. In the country like Vietnamese, the Family Day is celebrating on 28th of June, Family Day in Vanuatu is on December 26. In South Africa the Easter Monday is celebrated as a Family Day. In Australia Family day is celebrated on the first Tuesday of November.

Short Essay, Speech on Family Day for School Students in Hindi

My Family Day Hindi Essay

My Family Day Hindi Essay

Main Purpose of Celebration

The main purpose to celebrate the family day is to raise awareness, how important the family for everyone life. For this effort they UN try to make the better as well as friendly environment among the parents and children. They try that every person recognizes the importance of family in their life and focus on prosperous family relationship.

The complete family always plays the important role in the life of young one because there are many people (children, kids, boys and girls) who are the victims of broken family relationships  and we know that this type of thing mostly come out with bad outcome.  This is one of the biggest problems that the people have involved in unlawful & bad activities and destroying their lives by doing wrong activities. So it a duty of every one to spread the awareness of a complete family, People needs to know that anger always bring a chaos. separation from the family is not the solution of problem. Instead of it  patience, love, care and discussion is the solution of problem may be the much better outcome.

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