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Mothers Day Long Essay & Article for Lovely & Sweet Mom

Happy Mother Day Essay: Anything in this world can’t be weighed with mother’s true love and upbringing. She is the only woman in our life, who give love & affection to her child without any self intention. The child is everything for a mother. When we are compelled, he always inspires us to do any hard work in life. He is a good listener and hears all our good and bad things we say. He never stops us and does not bind us at any level. He teaches us to differentiate between good and Bad.

Mother Always be the Best Friends of Child

Mother Always be the Best Friends of Child

Mothers Day Long Essay & Article for Lovely & Sweet Mom

What is the second name of true love i.e. mother & it can only be a mother. From that time when we come in his womb, are born and come into this world and live with him throughout his life. He gives us love and care. There is nothing precious from mother, who is blessed by God, so we should be grateful to God. It is the incarnation of true love, upbringing and sacrifice. she is such a person who gives birth to us and transforms the house into a sweet house.

She is the one, who starts our first school at home, she is the first and dear teacher of our life. she teaches us the true philosophy and way of life. As soon as our life begins in this world, she loves us and gives us the attention that means coming to her womb till her life. She gives us birth after facing unbearable pain and suffering, but in return she always gives us love. There is no love in this world which is very strong, always selfless, pure and devoted. she always fills the light in our life by removing the darkness.

Every night she tells mythological stories, stories of gods and goddesses and stories of other kings and queens. She is always very worried about our safety with our health, education, future and strangers. She always leads us towards right direction in life and most importantly, he spreads happiness in our life. She makes us mentally, physically, socially and intellectual, with a small and disabled child. She always favors us and pray to God for our health and good future throughout the whole life even though we sometimes make him sad. But there is always a pain behind her smiling face which we need to understand needs to be kept in mind.

Our mother is like a protective shield for us because she protects us from all the problems. She never gives attention to her troubles instead of it she always listens us, all the time. To honor  that mother, every year on the second Sunday of May is celebrated as the Mother’s Day. These programs are very important for us and our mother. On this day, we should keep our mother happy and not make her sad. We must obey her and do the work properly because she always wants to make us a good person in life.

To celebrate this together, there are several big events on Mother’s Day are organized every year in different places. To celebrate this programme people do several things for this day. For this festival, they prepare Mother day poems, essay, speech, Mother Day rhyme, dialogue Quotes etc.. With the blessings of God we have found a loving and caring mother. Our life without mother is nothing. We are very fortunate that we have a mother. We all give great gifts to our mother because she loves us and care for us.

When we were in the school, For our happiness, mother participates in many different activities like dance, singing, poetry lessons, speech etc. in the classroom. In front of our mother and teacher, we also participate in this celebration (like poetry lessons, essay writing, speech, singing, dance etc.) and show their talent. Our mother always cooks a lot of delicious dish for us. Our mother is very special. Despite being tired, she always smiles for us. During sleeping in the night, she tells us a lot of poems and stories. Mother helps a lot during our home work, projects and exams. She takes care of our school dress. She teaches us that the hand should be thoroughly washed with soap before eating it. She teaches us to help us with good qualities, manners, ethics, humility and always others. She takes care of our father, grandparents and younger sisters. We all love them very much and take them out every week.

In every one’s life, the mother is one such person, whose place is fixed in the heart of a person & no one can take this place. It is like nature that is always known for giving us, without desire of anything in return. We see her from the first moment of our life, when we open our eyes in this world. When we begin to speak then our first word is mother. On this earth, she is our first love, first teacher and first friend. When we are born we do not know anything and are not worth doing anything, even though it is a mother who raises us in our lap. He makes us capable to understand that we can understand the world and do anything.

She is always available to us, like us God raises us. If there is a God on this earth, then she is our mother. Nobody can love us and raise us like mother and nobody can sacrifice us for everything like her. She is the best woman in our life whose place can’t be changed in future by anyone. Despite being very tired, he is always ready to do anything like ours without tiredness. He raises us with great love in the morning, cooks breakfast and gives lunch and drink bottle as usual.

After finishing all the work in the afternoon, she waits for us at the door. For us, he prepares dinner for the night and always takes care of our likes and dislikes. She also helps in our project and school homework. Just as an ocean can’t be without water, the mother also does not tire of doing so much love and care. She is unique and is the only one in the whole universe that can’t be changed from anyone. She is the real solution to all our small and big problems. She is the only one who never says bad things to her children and always takes her side.

‘Mother’s Day’ is the biggest day in the society, This is a celebration of the impact and respect of mothers. Mother’s day were specially started to give respect all mothers and motherhood to the family and their mutual relations. Mother’s Day is celebrated on various dates in different countries. In United States of America, Canada, India Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. Apart from these  other countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc also celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May but some of the nation like Arab Countries celebrate it  on 21 March & In UK it is celebrated on forth Sunday of Lent & they called it Mothering Sunday.

In the mother’s word, the whole world can count & create. In the word of the mother, the intimacy and sweetness are hidden, which is not in any other word. Mother name is sensation, emotion and feeling. All relationships in front of mother are dwarf. Mothers not only save their children in the shadow of motherhood, but they become a support if needed. In society, there is no shortage of examples of mothers who have played the responsibility of their children alone.

Mother’s Day is celebrated to honor all mothers. This day is celebrated to express gratitude for the hardships of mothers who bear the burden of raising a child. On this day people give greeting & Wishes cards and gifts to their mother. This is an annual event but on the basis of the country, the calendar is organized on different dates. Some people buy flowers on this day for their mother. Several types of programs are also organized in different schools on the occasion of Mother’s Day dedicated to mothers and motherhood.

So In this Mothers day don’t forget to wish your Mother & try to make her happy in every moment. If you like this article, you can also subscribe us & share with this to your friends & folks.

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