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Memorial Day Short Essay, Speech, Poems & Prayers for School Students in English

Memorial Day is one of the biggest days in a year, it is the day in which we give a short tribute to our army men and women, what they did & will do. In this day we appreciate their work & make them feel proud for the work that they do for us & our Nation. The sentinels on the borders keep away from their families day and night, either cold or heat so that we can live happily here. When we were are celebrating festival & spreading happiness & eating some sweets, some soldiers on the border were fighting with the Guns, Bombs & bullets on their lives. In this Fighting some of our soldiers become Martyr so on their remembrance, every year Memorial Day is Celebrated.  But even after this great sacrifice and devotion, these soldiers could not find the place that they should meet.

Happy Memorial Day Poem for Soldier

Happy Memorial Day Poem for Soldier

Short Essay & Speech on Memorial Day for School Students in English

If we talk about the Militant job, it is not considered to be a piece of cake or lounge job. It is believed that Militant jobs are the most difficult job or task in the world. Even after working continuously for day & night at the border & other places, the Militant does not have the respect that s/he deserves. Even the government does not give proper respect to the martyrs. In present days, respecting martyrs is not more than mere formalism for the government.

The government often makes mere announcements in the name of martyrs but they do nothing at the grassroots level. Things are so bad that in order to help the families of martyrs, they need funds from the public and this fund does not even reach the victims due to government corruption.

Why Memorial Day Importance to Us

A soldier is of great importance to the country, to make the soldiers, heroes and their dependents deployed on the borders, Memorial Day is celebrated every year. It is celebrated as an event, this day is celebrated in the honors of those, who died & become Martyr, while serving their nation during the armed forces. If we talk about the history of Memorial Day, it was known with Decoration Day but this name changed after the World War 11. But in 1971, first time Memorial Day is official announced on the last Monday of May before it. It was celebrated on the 30 May on the day of Decoration Day. We can say that the government of America took many years to change the date of such crucial day from World War to 1971.

The Memorial Day is one of the biggest days for every people in the country & specially for Militant but due to lack of support from the people things not happen in the right way, while the basic idea behind it was to encourage respect for the true and real heroes of the country, i.e. soldiers and martyrs. But it is unfortunate that today everyone has forgotten this basic idea. In today’s world people haven’t time to come up with their own work, Even a person can thing to do something but s/he can’t come up with everyday work because it is their life. This thing give them food, so when & how will they think about the country?

In the day to day life, we rarely miss the soldiers, who have become martyrs for our safety but if we get an opportunity today, then we should not withdraw from serving them. At railway stations, in schools or at other places specially nearby you, people will find the Militant for him/her, you can but a flag & you can just say to them one word i.e. Thank You, what you are doing for us. This type of things will always make them feel proud.

Memorial Day Poems & Prayer for School Students in English

Memorial Day Prayer

Memorial Day Prayer

Memorial Day inspiring Poems image

Memorial Day inspiring Poems image

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