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Is Afternoon Nap Boost The Creativity & Productivity Of Employees?

In this fast life sleeping is the best time for everyone, who cannot sleep 7 to 8 hour a day. Such person always disturbed from everyone like in office (colleague), in house family members. If life goes in such a way then in the coming future when someone ask you, who is your best friends then you will say the my bed, where i can sleep or take a short nap.

Afternoon Nap Boost The Creativity & Productivity Of Employees

Afternoon Nap Boost The Creativity & Productivity Of Employees

But the main question arise that, is afternoon nap boost the creativity & productivity of employees?

Today (28 march 2017), the news come from The Telegraph that just 20 min nap in the afternoon time specially after the lunch, can increase the productivity as well as the creativity of the employ.

It just not only boost our creativity & productivity but it has also many other benefit. The scientist from the University of Leeds in England said that the nap can boost our skills as well as improve our health conditions & make us healthy. It can decrease the chances of depression, heart problems & diabetes & these are the common problems which are facing by whole world. They said that due to the less sleep the chances of illness increase specially a life time illness.

Now a day everyone running behind the target, even every hour or minutes people set the targets & to achieve that target they don’t sleep well, this is the individual thing. If we talk about the employ, the condition is more hazardous. They have a monthly targets, if they achieve that then it is OK for them but if they don’t then during the last days of month they don’t fall in sleep properly. Even when they tried to sleep they cannot due to under pressure.

It is not the problem of one area or city, now it is become a major problem of the whole world. Even small children not untouched with that problem, due to the exam & completion they will not sleep properly. Do you know sleeping also help you to avoid junk food, if not you can also read our article on it

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan (physiologist and sleep therapist) said that, Those person who already struggling with their sleep & an hour loss to their bed is particularly injurious to an individual.

In the whole world around 25% people, who sleep less than 5 hour at night. If you are also one of them then you see that after time your sleep become less this drop down to 4 hour. If this thing occur then it is really dangerous condition.

In the office Bosses should all the employs to take a short nap after the lunch around 2 p.m to 4 p.m. for just 20 to 30 minutes & after that you can see the huge difference in every employ working way. Even the scientist also prove that a short nap make the person energetic. If the boss thing that they are wasting their 20 minutes than they are wrong because if the employ will be energetic they will work with better productivity, This thing also increase the chances of illness of the employ, it mean less sick leave in the office & more work.

Either it sounds unusual, to allow the employ a short nap during the working hours but if is useful for employ as well as company why would not try once.

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