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Incredible & Crazy Facts about Unnecessary Body Part of Human

There are several body parts of Human being that are unnecessary now but if we talk about the past i.e. our ancestor, these parts are useful for them. Like Wisdom teeth, it is useless for us even we have to take them out with small operation so similarly there are several parts in our body that are completely useless the name of some of those parts are Nipples, Armpit Hair, Eyebrows, Appendix , Tonsils, Wisdom Teeth, Foreskin etc. In these parts some of are those which, we have to take out with the help of operation otherwise it will harm us.

Useless Body Parts of Human Being

Useless Body Parts of Human Being

There are few parts in our boy that become the debatable issue for Doctors & Scientist, even they divided into two groups one are those who thinks the part is must & other oppose it. The one of the part in it is our eyebrows, but according to us our eyebrows make us beautiful or handsome. Have you read our previous article that is Facts about Human Musculoskeletal (Muscular + Skeletal) System, if not then we suggest you, you have to but now come to the topic. So As we are saying that there are many part that not essential by the Human body so here we are going to tell you some stunning facts about Unnecessary Body Part of Human Being.

Incredible & Crazy Facts about Unnecessary Body Part of Human

Lets see what you know & what you don’t, if you know than may be you remember this thing more accurately but if you don’t you get something new. In this facts we give you assurance many of the people not know a single facts.

#Wisdom Teeth: We required two set of the molars teeth, that is enough to chew the food but this third set is completely useless now, even it cause pain and we have to take it out with the help of Doctors. Actually Monkey & Chimpanzee are called our ancestor so it was useful teeth for them.

#Vomeronasal organ: This organ is inside our nose, actually this organ are not develop completely in human being so it is useless but it is very useful in those animals who depends on the smell like Rat, Snake etc.

#Body Hair: If we leave the Head & face hair, all the hair in our body are useless now, specially Armpit Hair. The face hair only useful for man for there look & now a day most of the people use to remove hair from their body part.

#Female vas deferens: The vas deferens in a male is very useful reproductive part, that transport sperm but in female it is useless.

#Appendix: It is useful for those, if work properly but basically it is useless. If it work, it produce white blood cells, which helps our body to fight with foreign invader.  It is very painful to take it out from the body when it becomes damage.

#Coccyx: It is the part where the human tail began, Actually our ancestor are Chimpanzee & they use to have tail so it mean we used to have tail in the past so it left from it but now it is completely useless, even when we hurt at this area it pain very badly.

#Male Womb or Uterus: It is true that men also have but not fully developed as female. As it is main reproductive organ of female & due to it she gives birth to new born & men don’t.

#Men Nipples: The biggest fact of all that all men begin with women, In the beginning all embryos begin as female due to we have some part of her & Nipple are one of those. Due to absent of the estrogen, men’s nipples become an chest ornament for them.

These are some of surprising facts about Human unnecessary body part, as we have more useless parts as we told you here above because in many parts there are debates going on like our eyebrows, foreskin etc. In the previous article we told you facts about other body parts of Human being body function, Amazing things about Human sense organs & other, if you want you can check out.  So you can also show you views on the reply box & if you want you can also share this to other those you things must like this type of facts.



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