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How Could You Be A Smart & Good person in life? #3

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# After complete your meal don’t lick your fingers in place of it rinse with water or use the hankie or handkerchief.

# Never give or pass the food to the others that you have already bitten, it look weird or strange.

# Never make the habit of Couch potato, while  you are sitting either dining table or sofa.

# Office & Class Rules (For Children)

# Respect your Boss or teachers, Always greet them with smile in face. (Boss Should take care of their employ & All ways give them motivation either positive and negative)

Don’t be talkative in the office or class

Don’t be talkative in the office or class

# Don’t be talkative in the office or class; it will make your negative image in front of other. Talk with staff or your colleague but in the limit.

# Whenever, you are sitting in the meeting or conference. If you have any question, raise your arm.  Same for the class students.

# Never forget to knock or take permission with your boss whenever you enter in his/her room & same for the school whenever you enter in the class always take permission to your teacher i.e. “May I come in” or if you want to go the you can say “May I leave or May I go”.

# Always speak politely with you colleague (in office) and friends (school), must try to help them. Never try to fight or bully them, it will effect in your career & it can make you bad image in office or school.

# Keep your office or class room clean, if not tell the sweeper to clean it neatly. It will make good effect for you customers & other people who come from outside.

Always be active in office or class, otherwise people start calling you lethargic.

Some other crucial things that one should know

# Whenever, you are sit or stand keep your shoulder straight, never droop them. It will show that how active you are.

# While you are walking anywhere, don’t drag your feet instead of it walk properly.

# Make the habit of sharing so that you get close to the other & be friends of them. # Instead of sharing if you hide the things with other, after some time other will also do the same thing to you. But remember share those things which are shareable.

# Never lie, until you have very important aim behind it, always try to be truthful & one # more thing don’t try to cheat anyone.

Always try to do thing in different & creative way

Always try to do thing in different & creative way

# While playing don’t indulge in argument with friends and try to play fair, because to lose any game is much better then to lose a good friend.

# One most important point of life i.e. Always try to be good with the everyone. No one know when the people you beat or abuse is the way of success in life.

# Always try to help the people, I am not talking to give a penny to the beggar. If you have give it to them but if you self depend. Do not every gave them money if you depends on your parents.

Last point but not least, that if you do anything in life be confident. Your confidence level takes you far mile as you can also expecting from yourself. The people like our teacher, lecturer, professors or CEO of any company, what they have the only one thing that is their confidence, they also do the mistakes but they know how to cover up that mistake because of their experience.

As these are just a few thing of life & may be these things look like the school student study material but if one follow these instruction S/he will know how you can control over your body. If you are capable to control over your body then you can mould it in any form.



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