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How Could You Be A Smart & Good person in life? #2

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# Make a habit to say “Hello” for official use, never say or use “HI” in official use. We can use “HI” in informal way but try to get rid of it.

# Use the word “THANK YOU” when you leave (Formal)&  while we are with buddies we use the word “GOODBYE”. Make the habit to use the word Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Night either elder or younger.

# If you are going to Yawning or Yawn, always use your hand or hankie to cover your mouth. But always tries to use your handkerchief.

# Never lick your lips, it look awkward or weird.

# Use the word “Excuse me” if you call or bump into someone.

Always think before to say any important thing

Always think before to say any important thing

# While you go someone house always checks whether the people of the house take their shoes inside or not, if they not take them off the proper place.

# Always talk softly, it’s a bad habit to talk and laugh loudly. But remember you pitch should be high so that other will listen you.

# Make the habit to use the words “Sorry” or “Excuse me” if you cough, sneeze not only that time when you are in public place or into somebody but also alone because while you do these things it will make these things as you habitual action & you will learn these things automatically.

# Never try to listen other people conversation slyly, its one of the bad habit but if you can don’t tell the others (sometime we have to do this things but try to do ignore this thing).

# Do not indulge with argument with people easily, sometime people check you temperament either you can control your body or not.

# Never interrupt when two people (specially elder or boss) are talking. Wait until you turn not come or the things have come to head.

# While you talking with the others always tries to be polite & respectful either younger or elder.

# Do not forget to take permission whenever you touch other people stuff or belonging. Sometime other people don’t like that people touch their stuff.

# When someone is talking in front of you do turn you face away & pay attention toward the person and listen him/her carefully. If you want to ignore the person say “Excuse me or Sorry”, you have to go to some other important work.

# Always tries to control your mouth, it’s a bad habit to speak too fast and too much. People like company of other but most of the people not like Talkative/Garrulous person.

#When you have to address to someone & S/he is unknown as well as elder with you, use the word “Sir or Madam”.

Sitting Manner on Table (While Eating)

sit down properly

# Whenever you sit down at the dining table always Wash your hand properly as well as wash it after finish your food.

Don’t play with the spoon and fork

Don’t play with the spoon and fork

# Don’t take too much of food in your plate & finish everything you serve on your plate. Make your habit never waste food in life.

# While you eat you meal chew the food properly & never fill too much of food in your mouth in place of it take small bites. Either you are feeling hungry, fill you tummy but Don’t be gobble, eat at your pace.

# Never drop your food on the table or floor if it after finish you food pick it up (but don’t eat).

# While you are eating your meal, don’t move here and there with your plate instead of it sit at one place.

# Whenever, you are eating & food is in your mouth don’t speak a word.

# After finishing you food, never make a habit to lick your plate as well as spoon with your tongue.

# Whenever, you are drinking water or any liquid beverage don’t make a sound with your mouth.

# Never forget, to take you place to the kitchen, after finished you meal.

# Whenever, you are sitting in the table don’t play with the spoon and fork or any other utensils.

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