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Happy Easter Friday Egg & Hat Making activity ideas At Home

Egg Hunting & Hat making are the famous activities of Good Friday & Easter day. Some of the people know the best and easy ways to make these stuff but most don’t know about it & As you know children always like such type of activity. The activity like Egg & Hat Making also good for the kids brain, such type of activity sharpen their brain & make it more creative. Those kids who are little younger they can make this things by there self but kids who are small they need the help of their parents so check out here and make Happy Easter Friday Egg & Hat At Home for your kids.

Happy Easter Friday Egg Making activity ideas At Home

Egg Garland:

For this you have to follow following stuff

Steps for Happy Easter Friday Egg Garland

Steps for Happy Easter Friday Egg Garland

# Hard Sheet, Scissor, Thread, Glue, Adhesive Tape, Colors

# First of all take a piece of hard sheet & Draw a Eggs in it. The number of the eggs depends on as long as garland you want.

# After that you can draw design in the eggs and color on it. You can use the any color

# Now from the sheet, you can cut down all the eggs.

# Now take a thread and paste it on the back of the egg. You can paste it with the Adhesive tape & now see your garland is ready to hang on a wall. Now you can use this garland as a decorative piece of your room

Easter Egg

For this you required following stuff

Steps for Happy Easter Friday Egg

Steps for Happy Easter Friday Egg

# Balloon, paper, Glue(must add some water in the glue), scissor, decorating stuff (star, colourful paper or own your wish)

# First of all blow the air into the balloon & its your wish what size of balloon you want

# After it paste a paper on it with the help of glue , after complete two or three layer

# Now you can paste the colourful paper in it but don’t try to decorate it right now because it is wet right now. Wait till it dry, it will take time so place it at some safe place.

# When it dry, you can decorate it with stars or different type paper shades and you can also cut the tail of it and fill it with small gifts.

# But remember it is a time taking process do be patient.

Happy Easter Friday Hat Making activity ideas At Home

For the Hat making  at home you need a hard sheet

Happy Easter Friday Hat Making activity ideas At Home

Happy Easter Friday Hat Making activity ideas At Home

# Hard Sheet, Glue, scissor, decorating stuff

# Take hard sheet and roll it according to your head & paste it from the back. Keep it dry place until it will fully dry.

# Now all the work left for the decoration, if you want Easter bunny ear in it you can make it with paper & after decorate it you can paste it on the hat.

# If you want any other  decoration on it you can do it & paste on your hat.

We have also selected some of the simple & easy homemade Easter hat pics for you. You can see those and decorate your hat. As there are lots of best ways to celebrate Easter day & Good Friday but this one is best for children.

So make Easter Friday Hat and Egg for you and you can also make it for your other family member & if you want to share these ideas with someone who is close to you so you can share it.

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