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Happy Easter Day & Good Friday Interesting & Amazing Facts & Tips

There are lots of interesting & amazing facts about Easter Day as well as Good Friday that should be known by everyone so here we are going to share with you some of them. May be some of the fact that you know but there are few facts that known by just few people. So check out here below.

Happy Easter Day & Good Friday Interesting & Amazing Facts

Happy Easter Day & Good Friday Interesting & Amazing Facts

Happy Easter Day & Good Friday Interesting & Amazing Facts

Good Friday

#What Happen: In this day Lord Jesus dies on the cross to save the humanity from their sins.

#Actually it is not a celebration day for Christians in place of it is the most solely day for them.

#Fasting: In this day Christian people use to take a fast & wears a black cloth, its a symbol of mourning.

#Good Friday Date: It come one day before the Easter day

#Lent: The 40 days Lent is over on Good Friday

Easter Day

# Celebration reason: It is celebrated as the resurrection day of Lord Jesus, in this day they come from the dead.

# Famous: It is the second most famous festival of Christian after the Christmas day.

# Easter Egg: There is an ancient believe that egg is the beginning of anything, so it is a symbol of new born, new life, fertility, It is consider after Easter, spring bring new life and rebirth.

#Easter Bunny: The Rabbit is the animal of the goddess Eostre, People of North Europe worship her, so the Hare or Rabbit symbolize as the fertility for spring.

#Hot Cross buns: It is the traditional item that people use to baked specially for this day. The hot cross buns baked to the honour of Goddess Eostre. Christian people also add the symbol of cross over it & one more thing that people use to hang these buns in their house because it is a believe that it will save their house & bring happiness for the upcoming years.

#Easter Date: The date of the Easter day vary every year because it always celebrate on Sunday after the of full moon after the spring equinox.

#Colorful Eggs: Eggs are the symbol of new life & In ancient time egg used to exchange this thing made it popular. There is an old tradition specially in the Europe to decorate the eggs, from there it become popular all over the world.

#In the nation like England in this day people use to open their door and window so that the sun can drive our all the bad sprit form the house.

#If you get the egg of double yoke on the Easter day then it is called the good luck sign.

#Easter day is the second biggest candy day after Halloween, more than 70% of candy sold in the form of chocolate.  In UK 10% of the annul chocolate sold only this day.

#Around 76% of the people eat chocolate bunny ear in their first bite.

We know that Easter Friday is an ancient as well as ritual festival of Christianity so Tips to celebrate Easter Day & Good Friday are most important thing. So check out & read it.

These are some of the facts about Good Friday as well as Easter day so read it and share it with other.

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