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Do You Know These Facts About The Virginity

Relationship is best part of anyone life & do you know how sex is crucial part of it. The Virgin person always excited for his first sex. During their first time, the person is not only exited but nervous as well, there are lots of thing come in the mind of a person. All the WH (what, where etc.) & How family come in mind, even this number of question never come at the time of Lecture hall.

What we expect about our first time, but all the things not goes this way. While a person with their partner in a feet meet, at that time: your body & brain not in your control, you start guessing the things, you brain start making plan then next plan, you tried something but not success. In a first time, 80% things not happen in our favor, the study says.

Having relationship with anyone before marriage is not taboo, But If you decided to be in relation with someone & you are ready to share your bed with them, there are some of the Facts about virginity that not one told you before.

Do You know these facts about the virginity

#Bleeding or Not: This is most significant question that Bleeding will tell either you are virgin or not, if you think so then you are wrong. Most of the people say if you bleed in the bed time, it mean you are virgin but in reality it has nothings to do with it. The Bleeding is depends upon the Virgin knot & it is very sensitive tissue, it can be broke any time of rough situation, even masturbation. If you masturbate yourself at the time of periods/date at that time also blood start flow so how can it link with the virginity of a person?

Good Relationship mean a Health & Happy Life

Good Relationship mean a Health & Happy Life

#Boys are more nervous: It is true that boys are more nervous for their first time. Either they admit or not but it is true because of it they go soft.

#Virginity is a Gift: It is right that your virginity is a gift so don’t give it to anyone, whenever you are not ready from inside. Only do it when you are ready don’t come under pressure of others.

#Screaming & Shouting:  In the porn video, Screaming, shouting & moaning happen but in reality this things never happen. You have to distinct between real and fake pleasure so it is not necessary to scream loudly mean a good sex, In place of it, response appropriately is much better.

#First time Hurt: It is right that having first time, hurts you little bit but foreplay can reduce it. The foreplay can increase the lubrication so because of it friction will be reduced. If you directly come to the act, it will be painful because you body not ready for it, yet.  So if you are in pain, you can ask your partner to slow down.

#Nervousness: Both of you are naked & nervous specially at first time. At that time you have to relax, take a deep breath & start slow but be yourself. You may be anxious but be anxious little bit is important thing.

Good Relationship make a life Happier

Good Relationship make a life Happier

#Soul & Virginity relation: This one is a myth question that your soul attached to the person, whom you lose your virginity but in reality this thing never happens, Its you wish either you want to live with that person or not because the person has your virginity doesn’t mean that you tie to them.

#First time distraction: In your first time, you may be distracted with every small thing. It’s not your fault, it’s a fault of your brain, it makes your nervous & this thing can also happen with your partner.

#Stimulation: It is not hidden that Girl needs more stimulation than a guy. This is natural phenomena so you don’t worry about it

#Feel cuddling: This thing never happen, may you have see in the movie but thing practically, after sex, your whole body is full of sweat & may be you don’t want to cuddle. In place you want like to take some air.

Human Body are full of facts like facts about human brain, human sense organs etc. There are lots of things that people says & we have seen in the Movies but in reality things are different , we know about this after when things happen with us. So its your life & its your wish how to live it “Live & Let Live”.

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