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Computer Typing Test & Excel Spread Sheet Exam Pattern High Court, SSSC, CGL & CHSL

Now a days Compute Typing Test (Computer Proficiency Test)& Spread Sheet have become mandatory after you passed your Tire 1 exam in clerical in any government department. Before, the pattern of any exam was very simple i.e. you have to just study for it & perform in the exam but now things changes a lot and the Exam pattern has become little complicated as well as time taking.

Computer Typing Test & SpreadSheet Exam Pattern High Court, SSSC, CGL & CHSL

Before, you had to just study for the exam & prepared for your interview but now conditions changed, either interview has finished for the post of clerical but you have to face computer typing test as well as Spread sheet test in Excel & its just a 20 minute test i.e. 10 minutes for each (Typing + Spread Sheet). After passes their tier 1 exam, most of the people use to search about the patterns of Computer Typing Test & Spread Sheet Exam but its call hard nut to crack to get it easily so here we tell you about the patter of both as well as show you a video of Spread sheet with instructions.

Computer Typing Test Exam Pattern High Court, SSSC, CGL & CHSL

Computer Proficiency Test Exam Pattern High Court, SSSC, CGL & CHSL

Computer Proficiency Test Exam Pattern High Court, SSSC, CGL & CHSL

First of all we start with the computer typing test pattern. In this exam you need a speed as well accuracy; the speed i.e. required is different in different exams. In most of the case it is 30 WPM but in the SSC CGL & CHSL Exam they required speed of 35 WPM (Word Per Minutes). So if you preparing for any exam you have to take a milestone of 40 WPM & the accuracy should be shame in all the exams i.e. 90%

How to calculated Typing Speed

There is a simple formula to calculate the computer typing speed i.e.

Number of word typed – Mistakes/10

Computer Typing Rules

There is one thing that you should you remember that words in computer counts as one word (one word can be A, is, are or Independence) that mean you cannot count it on the basis of strokes.

In the typing machine we count the one word in 5 stokes but in computer it is different so never count your speed on the basis of stokes. In computer one word mean one word

Don’t check your speed in Typing master

If you are preparing for the typing test don’t see your speed in typing master, it shows your speed on the basis of strokes but you need a speed word per minutes:

Typing Test

The typing test is not such difficult as you thing, the patter of the test also simple it. For the typing test you don’t need to go with Numbers, Extra symbols etc. You just need to focus on the simple alphabets and symbols like (comma, full stop).

Must Remember

When you go for you typing test you have to be prepare yourself physically as well as mentally because as you sit for your exam you heart beat will become faster & your hand start shaking, even when you start typing in the beginning you hands would not stop shaking so for this you have to mentally prepare. To prepare mentally, you can do completion with your friends & buddy or any other folks so that you can face the exam easily.

When you enter in the exam room, check you chair properly (if you are comfortable than its ok if you are not then kindle change it), When you sit in you chair start worm up your finger with the keyboard & check all the keys properly within 5 minutes if you face problem with anyone kindly concern with examiners & be satisfied yourself before the beginning of exam.

Excel Spread Sheet Exam Pattern High Court, SSSC, CGL & CHSL

After finishing your typing exam, you have to face the Spread sheet Exam. You might be nervous because we are busy in our exam & we don’t have enough time for Excel but if we talk about the Spread sheet exam, it is quite easy one. For this you have to just need to remember few trick & formuls.

Here I shared the video that help you to use the different formulas & their trick to complete the exam before 10 minutes.

What type of question come in Exam

In the Spread sheet exam you don’t need to go to in detail of Excel but you just need to remember the formulas of  Sum, Subtract, Multiply, divide & percentage with it you know how you can make a table & give a border to it.

Car Name    Ex. Showroom Price    Insurance    VAT    Registration Charge    Total
Baleno             8,00,000                        32000            
Creata             10,00,000                      40000            
Brazza             9,00,000                        36000            
Swift                6,00,000                        24000

Here above I given you the table but the question of the table, you can see in the video that we share with you here above. Watch the video so you will see how really you have to do in your exam.

In the Spreadsheet Exam you will consists 5 questions & each question will carry 2 marks each. The first question always be to draw same table as on the question paper.

If you have any question regarding the Exam Pattern of Typing test & Spread sheet you can ask us, we will try our best to let you know as soon as possible & If you need little difficult question regarding spreadsheet you can leave a reply we will provide you.


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  1. Bro please tell about the typing test how mistakes are counted and tell about if they will allow the backspace button or not

    1. yes, they allow the backspace button & mistake depends on how many of your word wrong, if you wrong a alphabet then it will count a whole word wrong

    2. but the rule in CGL quite different.. they depends on stokes

  2. I want to know that at time of spreadsheet test in Haryana Highcourt they allow keyboard only or keyboard and mouse both to complete spreadsheet test…

    1. They will allow both keyboard as well as Mouse

      1. sir what whould be font size of papagraph on paper

  3. helo sir i want to know that in high court exam they use the latest version of excel or word or 2003 version

    1. At my time they used excel 2010 so may be this time they also use same… when do you have a spread sheet exam

  4. I want to ask about typing test for punjab high court so where do i practice and check my speed of 30wpm.
    Is there any site or software for this?

    1. No, there is no computerized software but you can type in the text document with a timer of 10 min & then paste it to the ms word so that you can see the mistake as well as number of words that you typed.

  5. I want to ask where do i practice and check my speed of 30wpm for punjab high court test.
    Do there any site where do i can practice or is there any software.please tell.

  6. I want to ask about punjab high court typing test.

  7. Sir please provide one set regarding spread sheet excel test(with explanation) for Punjab high court…..I don’t have any knowledge regarding this.

  8. sir i want to practice above like questions for my exam which would be held in coming month, so please let me know where i could find such type of practise questions,preferably solved ones

  9. In the excel part you have to just remember about the sum, subtract, multiply, Divide & Percentage and some other basic things

  10. sir i want to ask what would be the font size of paragraph they give would be newspaper font or some larger from it.

  11. sir in typing test paragraph on paper , what would be its font size. either it is newspaper font size or some larger from it.

    1. the font size will be 12 & it is not newspaper font size. the font will be quite vivid

  12. Do they count the mistakes of comma(,) and full-stops(.) ?

    1. yes, every type of mistake

      1. Alex bro, can you please tell what kind of paragraph they give us for typing, i mean does it include numbers and other symbols like colon brackets etc. Overall is it easy or tough?

        1. it always be in alphabets just remember the sign like ,.? which is mostly use. but if you want you can also use the number typing.

  13. Alex bro, can you please tell what kind of paragraph they give us for typing, i mean does it include numbers and other symbols like colon brackets etc. Overall is it easy or tough?

  14. me too
    want to know about this
    exam on 28 January

    1. what do you want to know about it

  15. bro level of paragraph? like how many key strokes are safe zone…? words are very very long or easy?? i know keystrokes are not counted but still we need to have target in exam?

    1. 2000+ stroke can be safe so target to get more that that.

  16. Sir how many words on first page of high court exam

    1. it may be just above the 300 because there is 21 line in a first page so if we multiply 21×15=315 it just my approximation. how many line did you type

  17. Hello Sir, if in the spreadsheet exam if all my calculations r right but while changing the format of date my one column didn’t got formatted as per asked in the question …is der a possibility dat the examiner would deduct all my marks ???

    1. I don’t thing so but its depend on them

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