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Basant Panchami Quote, Saying, Sayari, SMS, Text Messages, FB & Whatsapp Status in English & Hindi

Basant Panchami and we all know it with the name of Vasant Panchami, It is one of the religious festival which is celebrated by the Hindu religion. In this day the worship goddess Saraswat,she is a goddess of Music and art. It just not celebrated by the Hindu religion but the Sikh also celebrate it as a harvesting festival. So here on the occasion of the Basant Panchami festival we are sharing with you Happy  Basant Panchami Quote, Saying, Sayari, SMS, Text Messages, FB &Whatsapp Status in English & Hindi

Basant Panchami Picture message

Basant Panchami Picture message

Basant Panchami Quote, Saying & Sayari in English & Hindi

May you rise each day with fully charged cell phone in your hand, inspiring message in your mind, me in your heart, and a clear signal all day long. Nice Basant Panchami day!

बलबुध्धिविद्यादेहूमोहि, सुनहुसरस्वतीमातु, रामसागरअधमको, आश्रयतूहीदेदातु!!

SaraswathiNamasthubhyam, VaradeyKaamarupinee! VidhyarambhamKarishyami, Sidhirbhavathumeysada !Shubh Vasant Panchami.

वीणालेकरहाथमे, सरस्वतीहोआपकेसाथमे, मिलेमाँकाआशीर्वादआपकोहरदिन, हरबारहोमुबारक़आपकोसरस्वतीपूजाकायेदिन.

Vasant Panchami message Image

Vasant Panchami message Image

Basant Panchami SMS & Text Messages in English & Hindi

No greeting card to give, No sweet flowers to send, No cute graphics to forward, Just a carrying heart wishing u Happy Basant Panchami.

Basant Panchami kiAapsabhikoHardikShubhkamnaye.

On this day Goddess Saraswati is worshipped in various names and fames – Badal, arts and science, and deep, Supreme knowledge. Happy Basant Panchami.

Halkehalke se ho Badal, Khulakhulasaakash, Happy Basant Panchami, app ho mere pass.

Vasant Panchami message Picture

Vasant Panchami message Picture

Basant Panchami Facebook or FB &Whatsapp Status in English & Hindi

MaaSaraswatiAapkoSadev Good Thought PradanKartiRaheyMaaSaraswatiki blessing aap par sadarahey… Happy Basant Panchami.

Days are too busy, hours are too few, seconds are too fast, but there is always time for me to say hello to someone like you. Smile and enjoy Basant Panchami.

Mandir Ki Ghanti, Arti Ki Thali, Nadi KE KinareSuraj Ki Lali, Zindagi Mein AayeKhushiyo Ki Bahar, AapKo Mubarak Ho Basant PanchmiKaTyohar…!!!” “Wish U Happy Basant Panchami…!!!”

With the chill in the weather receding, may your sorrows also vanish like the cold weather.Happy Basant Panchmi!

So from here above you can read as well as share with other people to wish them Happy Basant Panchami.

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