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April Fools/All Fools Day Phone, Call, Email, Office Pranks Tricks & Ideas

Most of the time office colleagues are the best buddy & we use to speak with them freely & frankly. May its not difficult to do a prank with them. As there are lots of way to do these pranks that you can also read here below. There are some of the well known pranks that is call, phone & email specially for the colleague but most of the people don’t know that how to convert that simple call as in a prank.

April fools  Day phone, call, email, office pranks tricks & ideas

April fools  Day phone and call Pranks ideas

April fools Day phone and call Pranks ideas

April fools Day phone and call Pranks ideas

For this you have to following steps i.e.

# First of all while you call use hankie or handkerchief and cover your mouth with it. This will change your sound or in place of it you can pinch your nose with your fingers.

# While you are talking talk in deep as well as different accent.

# Don’t call from your own number, you different number which you know that have be in the phone book of you colleague. If you haven’t this you can make a private call or internet call.

# While you are in call don’t laugh be serious as well as be confident. You can talk in romantic way but don’t call to the police or any emergency service.

April fools  Email Pranks

It is one of the old way to fools the person ever Google remove this service but there are some of way in internet to do fake email to anyone. But for this you have to be sure you friends daily check his/her email. If not don’t use this trick because if you mail them & s/he will not check what that mean. If you s/he can, then mail him one of his dark secret because friends always have many secret. Don’t use own email address.

April fools  Day office pranks tricks & ideas

If you talk about office prank there are lots of pranks you can check out here below.

Air horn under the seat: you can place the Air horn under the seat of your colleague or your boss so as they will sit at the seat the sound will come & they will flabbergasted with that.

Office prank Air horn under the seat

Office prank Air horn under the seat

Air horn at the door: You can place the air horn behind  the door handle as some come to your office he will surprised or if you are employ you can place it at the washroom door.

Office Prank Air horn at the door

Office Prank Air horn at the door

Replace lubrication in place of hand wash: Remove all the hand washer and fill it will the same color lubrication so that when the person in the office went to the washroom he will shocked.

Paste a Stick note under the mouse lens: You can paste stick note or a piece of paper under the mouse lens, so when the person start their work the mouse will stuck at one place. Under the mouse must write “Happy April Fools Day” so that person will know about it.

Paste Happy April Fools Day stick note under the mouse

Paste Happy April Fools Day stick note under the mouse

Unplug mouse & keyboard wire or receiver: Unplug the wire of keyboard and mouse & if it is wireless unplug their receiver so the person thing that yesterday these are working fine what happen today.

Enjoy the April fools day but be remember it is just for enjoyment not to hurt anyone. If you know that the person will hurt with this don’t do this with them. In place of pranks you can wish them by greeting & wishes cards of April fool.

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