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April Fools/All Fools Day Breakfast & Dinner Pranks Ideas

Pranks is the specialty on 1 April but if the prank will be happen at the time of eating food like breakfast, Lunch & Dinner that will completely surprise the person. So in this articles we are coming up with some sweet and easy pranks ideas at a time of breakfast & dinner for April Fools Day. As there are lots of pranks at the time of eating food or meal, but while some one eating something the pranks ideas should be little simple not to harm the people.

April fools/all fools day breakfast & dinner pranks ideas

Remember one thing that if you are planning to do a prank at the time of breakfast or dinner, you must wish April fools day so  s/he will thing that now you will not do anything.

Replace eggs with boiled egg: you can take out the eggs from the refrigerator and boil all of them, then take back to them to the fridge. On the morning you force your partner that you want to eat omelette as s/he take the egg out of the fridge & try to break them into the bowl s/he will completely surprise.

Boil All the Eggs

Boil All the Eggs

Give a candy: Collect the stone from the out side and color all of them like they are candy. When all of them dry properly server them to your folks, friends or anyone, but remember when all finish their meal tell everyone you have special candy which you get from someone special & it is costly.

Potato or onion in the chocolate : First of all you prepare the paste of chocolate, if potato firstly boil it or if onion dip it in the paste after all the stuff dry server this in breakfast or dinner.

Dipped onion or boiled potato in chocolate paste

Dipped onion or boiled potato in chocolate paste

Add food color into the milk: You can also add food color to the jar of milk, so at the time of breakfast you can demand milk. As the other person go to take it s/he will be surprised what it is or you serve the milk to the other.

Replace salt & sugar: You can also replace the salt and sugar, now in the morning you can demand the morning tea or milk. As the person serve you it will taste salty, for this you can say to the what you did with milk.

Tooth Paste between cookies: You can fill the tooth paste in between cookies, for this you have to bring some cream cookies and remove their cream & replace it with tooth paste. Remember don’t break the biscuits.

Filled Tooth Paste between cookies

Filled Tooth Paste between cookies

Water into milk: with the use of white food color you can convert the water into milk and server to anyone you want.

Ice cream cone: Boil the potato and crush it properly, then take a cone fill it with the potato paste. Remember mix salt with it, it will completely surprise the person.

These all are simple and easy pranks ideas while you are eating, if you have another plan you can do that but be sure that will be safe & while you are doing a prank don’t hurt anyone. If you looking for the some Gifts & cool stuff to do pranks you can get the ideas in our website. So enjoy the April fools day & share these pranks so that other will also get these ideas.

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