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April Fools Prank Ideas For Couple, Husband, Wife, Girlfriend, boyfriend, Girls, boys

Looking for any April Fools day pranks ideas for Couple like Husband & Wife or Girlfriend & boyfriend, if you are couple and you want the best pranks ideas for your partner so here you will get some of the best of such ideas. If we talk about the pranks with a any couple so it should be witty, it has some seriousness as well as fun. It will surprise the partner as well as shock. There are many ways to celebrate April fool day but it come to couple it is little bit change because the pranks you do with your partners you cannot do with other.

April Fools Prank Ideas For Couple, Husband, Wife, Girlfriend, boyfriend

Gift ideas: you can give any funny gift & cool stuff to your partners, But remember one thing it should be surprising. If you don’t have any ideas you can see our article i.e April fools day cool Gifts and other stuff ideas

Fake hair cutting, collect some hair pieces (Duplicate): In this prank you have to learn be silent & wait for the right moment. When your partner is sitting to operate computer, watching TV or anything that her/his face away from you. You can go very silently & in your one hand there is scissor & in other hand piece of hair (similar as your partner). As you reach nearby him/her just touch the hair behave like you cut the hair. Don’t cut her/his real hair.

Steps for Fake Hair cutting

Steps for Fake Hair cutting

Good Morning with cream: In the morning we always get up and go for toothbrush so why would you not change the your paste with cream. For this just fill your toothpaste with cream and be ready to laugh.

Replace cream with Tooth paste

Replace cream with Tooth paste

Costly stuff: Don’t worry you don’t need to buy any costly gifts items for this you have to just collect come cockroaches or you can make some of the insects with clay but the main point is your packing should look like costly. While you give your partner tell her/him open it in private, its a special gift for you.

Air horn under the seat: you can place the Air horn under the seat of your partner so as they will sit at the seat the sound will come & they will flabbergasted with that.

Office prank Air horn under the seat

Air horn under the seat

Air horn at the door: You can place the air horn behind  the door handle of the washroom so as s/he will try to open the door, its sound will shocked him/her.

Office Prank Air horn at the door

 Air horn at the door

Replace lubrication in place of hand wash: You can remove all the hand washer and fill it will the same color lubrication so that when your partner went for hand wash lubrication will stick in his/her hand.

Fill Hair Drier with Talcum powder: It will shock your partner, when s/he dry his/her hair after bathing.

Affix the footwear: You can also affix the footwear with glue of your partner to the floor but remember that only affix it with front side.

Fill Hair Drier with Talcum powder

Fill Hair Drier with Talcum powder

Cola trick: For this you cola bottle and mentos candy, with the help of thread  tie the mentos properly or even you make a small hole at the center with the help of needle to tie the mentos tightly. Now place this inside the bottle but not touch to the cola drink & close the cap and cut the rope at the end of the cap so other cannot see it. Now you can demand a drink to your partner & s/he will try to open it, it will come out will pressure. You can use and cola or soda it this trick.

Steps for Cola with mentos pranks

Steps for Cola with mentos pranks

There are many other pranks that you can do with you partners specially a April fools day food pranks, You will get many breakfast & dinner pranks ideas from our website. So enjoy the April fools day  & don’t forget to test your partners buy don’t harm each other with risky trick.

If you have any better tricks & pranks ideas you can share with us.

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