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April Fools Day Useful Tips And Tricks

April 1 is the Only day in the year in which you have a authority to make a fool of anyone, Even this day also called all Fools day. You may have many ideas regarding April fools day that what you are going to do in this day & who will be you target but before doing anything with anyone, you must read some of the useful tips and tricks for April fools day.

April fool 2017 Black & white Pictures

April fool 2017 Black & white Pictures

April Fools Day Useful Tips And Tricks

Don’t Hurt anyone: While you are in the mode to do a prank with anyone, you must sure about that this fellow will not hurt with that trick. April fool mean to do fun on that day so don’t hurt anyone physically as well as mentally.

Age of person: There are lots of pranks may be in your mind but the main point is that when & which one, you are going to use with different people. While you plan any prank must remember the age of the person Pranks for the children are different from pranks for elders. Pranks for office colleague are different & Pranks for family members are different so must keep this type of things in you mind

Timing: If you are ready with you prank or any other way to make a fool of other so your timing of the prank must be accurate so that you pranks ideas will be successful.

Confidence: It is the most important point while you are trying to perform your prank like you are doing a call pranks so in your voice, there should be a confidence so other people easily come under your influence.

Pranks ideas: As there are number of different pranks but you have to select that one in which you are fully confidence, if you select the difficult one and you don’t do it as the performance required in it so the prank will gone in a vein. Try to select the simple and easy task so that you can perform if properly as well as it will be safe for the others.

You can celebrate April fools day by many different ways like you can sent the April fools day wishing and greeting cards & Ecards you friends which is away from you. You can also send then April fools day funny jokes because its a fun day. If you want to wish your friends in social media platform like Facebook, Google plus etc you can share April fools day images, Wallpapers, pictures, and quotes, messages & SMS of April fools for FB status & Whatsapp.

For children and you can give them April fools day gifts & other cool stuff, even you can also give these gifts to any adults. You can do the activities like to play funny games with kids or you can print April fools day Clipart, Sketch & Drawing for them. You can give them April fools funny poems or you can speak these in from of family members for enjoyment.

There are lots of pranks that you can do like family member you can do a food pranks especially at April fools breakfast and dinner pranks. For your colleague, you can do April fool office pranks. As there are lots of best ways to celebrate the April fools day, now its own you which one you select.

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