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April Fools Day 2017 funny Jokes and Pranks ideas

1st April is one of the funniest day in a year because in this day we have a license to make a fool of anyone but when while we plan a prank for anyone we have to understand the circumstances either the person is good for prank, if we make a fool of him/her, s/he will be ok or not and many more such things. In this day people use their sharp brain to make a plan for new and interesting pranks & many of the people use to send the best April fools day greetings and wishing cards, on which most of the like to sent the funny April fools day jokes. So in this post we sharing with you some of the best  April Fools Day 2017 funny Jokes and Pranks ideas.

April Fools Day 2017 funny Jokes

Jokes are one the best thing in the April fools day it is simple as well as don’t harm any person. Even it cannot waste our time, we can send it by one button. So here below some of the best Joke for 2017 April fools day.


Best April Fools Day 2017 funny Jokes

Best April Fools Day 2017 funny Jokes


April Fools Day 2017 funny Jokes

April Fools Day 2017 funny Jokes


All Fools Day 2017 funny Jokes

All Fools Day 2017 funny Jokes


As these are all are April fool images & picture form because pics is easy and catch way to send any joke to anyone. Sometime after see that the text Quote, SMS, Messages person don’t read the whole but in the pic the chances of reading increase.

April Fools Day 2017 Pranks ideas

As you know that there are plenty numbers of Pranks but some of them are easy & simple. On the other hand some of them are difficult & may be harm other person so we must don’t do such type of pranks.

Change the language of Laptop/computer: You can change the language of your folks, friends, colleague the compute, as he switch on his/her computer or laptop s/he will shock.  You can also do this thing with kids around 8 to 14 & as s/he tries to operate the system, they will astonish what is that and they called you for help at this time you can blame them that what you did with the system, they must scared.

Place the boil eggs in the fridge: You can boil the eggs & place them back to the fridge. When it come to breakfast time you can demand egg omelette, the other person will shock as s/he strike the egg.

Fill powder in hair dryer: You can fill the talcum powder inside the hair dryer so as the person specially lady try to dry her hair, she will flabbergasted.

Cover your toilet seat with transparent seat: You can also use the transparent seat to cover the toilet seat so that when anyone will go for the toilet due to transparent seat s/he directly start without seeing that seat & i am sure s/he will shock for 2-3 minutes what is that .

Place the air horn under the friends, colleague or boss’s seat: You can call it April fools office pranks idea, you can attach the air horn or balloon under the seat of your folks or anyone whom you want to make a fool. s/he must start yell as sit on that seat.

As these are just few April fools day 2017 pranks ideas, if you want to know the What Is The Best Ways To Celebrate April Fools Day you can read our article on that. If you are going to do any pranks with your folks and friends you must be sure it is safe, if not please don’t try this.

If you have any other pranks ideas & you think its will be unique one so you can share with us by commenting below.

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