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April Fools Day 2017 Funny Games Ideas For Kids, Children & Elders

In the occasion of April fools day people use to play Funny Games to enjoy this event. As there are lots of way to play games but the main point is that some of them are for the Children & some of them are suitable only for the Adult/elder people. Those games are for kids that are simple but most of the elder people use to bore with it & on the other hand the game for the elder might be difficult for the kids so kids like to play their games & elder like to play their games. So here we come with the both categories games ideas for the April fool 2017 best way to celebrate it.

April Fools Day 2017 Funny Games Ideas For Kids, Children & Elders

April Fools Day 2017 Funny Games Ideas For Kids, Children & Elders

April Fools Day 2017 Funny Games Ideas For Kids & Children

April Fish: This game is use to play in many countries, In this game one person paste the paper fish at the back of the kids without knowing them. After it when the kids knows that their is fish paper paste his/her back he start yell “April Fish”

April Fools Day Drawing & Clipart: The other way to make a drawing on April fool or any clip art. You can play it as a competition. So that kids & children concentrate on it properly.

April Fools Day 2017 Funny Games Ideas For both Kids & Elders

Baby Sound: This is really funny game for children as well as parents, so this game can play by the kids with their parents. In this game parents sound like a baby & children sound like their parents. You can also add more sounds as well as people in this game so that it will become more interesting.

April Fools Day 2017 Funny Games Ideas only For Elders

Dance Game: This game really gone be funny, In this game you can give chance to your partner to dance like for men you can told them to do Belly dance. If couple will play this game they will enjoy a lot.

Bluff Master : In this game you can add as many as member you can & the whole time you have lie, cheat other & try that other will tell truth in front of you.

In the party of the April fool you can play any game like to make a fool of any person & give him a reward of stupid person of the day but all must be elder & announced before the party beware of pranks. If you want the April fools pranks ideas so you can in our website.

AS there are lots of other games, that you can play on April fool day & If you have any ideas of any interesting games so you can share with us here.

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