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16 Things only Best Friends (BFFs) Can Understand

The Full form of the BFFs is Best Friends Forever

Relationship is the best part of life it make us Happy & Sad but it always delight us. If we remove the word relationship from the life of the person so it means s/he has no reason to live or nothing to do with this life, his/her life become hell like we say an empty vessel always make sound but do nothing.

16 Things only Best Friends Forever Can Understand

16 Things only Best Friends Forever Can Understand

In this world we have several type of relationship i.e. our Parents, Brother, Sisters, Uncle, Aunty, boyfriend, Girlfriend, lover, just friend & so on. All the relation are different, some personal & some are just for reason. All the relation are crucial for a person & In those relations, one relation is called BFFs i.e. Best Friends Forever. In all the relation we have to make everyone happy but the BFFs are different from, it doesn’t want such type of things to us. So here we will talk about the 15 things that can only understand by BFFs

16 Things only Best Friends Forever (BFFs) Can Understand

1 There is no necessity to call your Best friends every day, some time they don’t talk for a week but whenever they do they do it delightedly as well as they don’t stop talking. First & foremost thing is that they understand us very well. In a life we have lots of friends but best friends are rear, they have seen us at our best as well as worst time. They know lots more about us they anyone else,

2 What we share with out BFFs, We can’t imagine to share these things to other even our parents. What we did in our school & college days, all such memories are best for anyone life & those things we do at that time, we cannot tell it to everyone except BFFs.

3 Whenever, we meet with that person, we always talk about the past things i.e. what we did in school & college. At that time we make a jokes on that and laughed on them.

4 They know that which one is your favourite movie & you have watched it several time but you never admit in front of public.

5 They know, how thrifty we are & many time they spends their money for us, in the hope that at some point we will pay back to them but you know in friends there is no tomorrow.

6 Sometime we hate them but they do such things for us we have to hate with our thinking.

7 The only person, whom we call while we are in trouble either in school & colleges (Assignment & project) or in real like because he know us.

8 They knows that we are hating them because they have beautiful girlfriend or handsome boyfriend & you have not.

9 They always remember all your ugly looking haircuts & dressing style, even they click such type of movement & share with the people & when every you meet them they recall you those things.

10 They know about all your girlfriends & boyfriends, which boy or girl accept you proposal & which one reject you hilarious way.

11 They know what things make us angry but they also know how can we cheers up.

12 They rename you or give you new names & they also know what your parents call you at home.

13 They all your silly secrets & what are those things you are scared off.

14 They know about those fights, which you did with your boyfriend or girlfriend & what s/he call you for teasing purpose.

15 Either they never say anything to you like your lover, but they can do anything for us unconditionally.

16 The Foremost things is that they understand us either we are silence, they know what that mean. The never say a word at that time in place of it they trying to divert you to make you happy.

#The most important things that come between you & your BFFs i.e. the word condition, because either him/her or you always help each other without any condition.

Most of the people heart this quote i.e. A friend in need a friend indeed & most of time this one is our BFFs

In day to day life we don’t have enough time to spend with other people but every relation required time & relationship is the only things that we are living in the world properly. You also knows if it not what will be the life. In the relationship one quote is very significant i.e. GIVE RESPECT & TAKE RESPECT.

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